All sorts of different shit

  • Actual Figures

    Eclectic music + Podcast every Wednesday lunchtime.

  • Arbitrarily Deterministic

    Hosted by Kenconsumer, Arbitrarily Deterministic focuses on the intersection between art, technology and popular culture and the people who help blur those lines.

  • Bandit’s Cove

    A hideaway for cattle rustlers in Abiquiú, New Mexico. Haunted by Triassic dinosaurs and the Archuleta brothers.

  • Besides

    Anneke and Alex are out here doing god’s work talking music, love, life and living their truth on the airwaves.

  • big sounds for a small you

    an assortment of audio tall and weighty ready to tower over and help you feel like a tiny speck in an endless void. Fast things, brash things, and loud things

  • Borderline Radio

    Anti-genre tracks for lonesome long-distance truckers & Bomb Pussy Disorder enthusiasts. Borderline Radio is a raging and diverse musical journey curated by local crazy whore Alice Danger + guests. Kick rocks, freaks

  • ByteLore68k

    Covering the music of really old computer games, demos, chiptunes, cracktros, and their remixes. Think bleepy, gnarly 8/16bit sounds, SID and YM chips, floppy disks, late 80s, and all that retro rubbish.

  • Caprisonne

    A remotely tropical disco dance party hosted by Mj.

  • Die Guten Sonntagmorgen Show

    Music to start your Sunday morning to. Get a coffee, make yourself comfortable and enjoy your day. Hosted by Robin.

  • Fuddle Duddle

    Since there’s been a Keithfem, there’s been Fuddle Duddle with DJ the Duncan and Dinosauroskar. They’ve been playing pop, rock and anything else they feel like, from any era and any place since Dinosauroskar was 4 years old…plus Dinosauroskar’s 5 o’clock news! Sundays at 4pm Berlin time. One live show a month and the rest…

  • Hearse Case Scenario

    Funeral directors Helena and Sarah of Magnolia Bestattungen Berlin talk about their work, and ask questions about death, grief, and everything around it.

  • Idioglossia

    Who needs a description?

  • Juli Holz

    Juli Holz is a Berlin based musician and DJ. She completed her Masters degree in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the University of the Arts in Berlin (UDK). In her live radio show on Keith Fe’M she wants to share music she likes and deliver a soundtrack for getting ready for a party or…

  • Kraut Kontrol

    Alternate universe mathrock bangers, forgotten noise friends & buried postrock treasures. A combination that never truly loses its magic, just like drinking booze in the morning.

  • Kujiradio

    CMAC and DJwow welcome a new guest each episode to share their story through music.

  • Mattress Mixtapess

    Your weekly dose of cosy connection. Presented by Sandra Agudo and Leo Hyde, selecting current favourite tracks and deep dives from their collection all centered around a weekly theme. Every now and then we welcome special guests from the neighbourhood (and around the world) to share their tunes, chats and occasional wise words with us.

  • Nemo’s Favoritos

    Nemo’s Favoritos is a monthly music & astrology show. Playing live from Berlin.

  • Pietät und Pannesamt

    Auf einen Kaffee mit den Bestatterinnen: Helena und Sarah unterhalten sich live im Studio mit interessanten Gästen aus ihrem Arbeitsumfeld über Sterben, Tod, Trauer – und Pietät und Pannesamt.

  • Posezur

    A Freak Show on the Radio PZR Radio hosted by Posezur is a genre-bending sonic journey through time. Each show includes the Talk Shit Minute with a unique guest covering a wide variety of topics. Welcome to the Circus and enjoy the ride.

  • Sentient Hairstyles

    Sentient Hairstyles is a radio show and occasional podcast. In each episode, Lightbreaker and The Urban Goose play a number of music related games and skits balanced against earnest critique of a wide range of music.

  • Silly Little Love Songs

    Soothe those Sunday night fears with an hour dedicated to the unapologetically sentimental. Alternative songs for sweethearts and heartache. And what’s wrong with that?

  • The Broth

    Life, Death and Musics. Loose chats and good (un)worldly music of all varieties.

  • Zola Gorgon

    Berlin’s foremost goth adjacent DJ, Zola, plays an eclectic biweekly show with an ever-changing theme, from “speed racing in heaven” to “things to do when you’re goth in the springtime”.