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  • Sentient Hairstyles

    Sentient Hairstyles

    Sentient Hairstyles is a radio show and occasional podcast. In each episode, Lightbreaker and The Urban Goose play a number of music related games and skits balanced against earnest critique of a wide range of music.

  • Juli Holz

    Juli Holz

    Juli Holz is a Berlin based musician and DJ. She completed her Masters degree in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the University of the Arts in Berlin (UDK). In her live radio show on Keith Fe’M she wants to share music she likes and deliver a soundtrack for getting…

  • Castle of Sausages

    Castle of Sausages

    World renowned chef, Captain Castle and the sleepless butcher to the stars, The Sausage Man presents an in depth, dirty, behind-the-scenes peek into the underbelly of the Berlin food scene. They interview front-runners of the industry to find out all the gritty details of what’s hot and what’s tepid.