Tag: wednesday

  • Borderline Radio

    Borderline Radio

    Anti-genre tracks for lonesome long-distance truckers & Bomb Pussy Disorder enthusiasts. Borderline Radio is a raging and diverse musical journey curated by local crazy whore Alice Danger + guests. Kick rocks, freaks

  • The Broth

    The Broth

    Life, Death and Musics. Loose chats and good (un)worldly music of all varieties.

  • Nemo’s Favoritos

    Nemo’s Favoritos

    Nemo’s Favoritos is a monthly music & astrology show. Playing live from Berlin.

  • Kraut Kontrol

    Kraut Kontrol

    Alternate universe mathrock bangers, forgotten noise friends & buried postrock treasures. A combination that never truly loses its magic, just like drinking booze in the morning.

  • Hearse Case Scenario

    Hearse Case Scenario

    Funeral directors Helena and Sarah of Magnolia Bestattungen Berlin talk about their work, and ask questions about death, grief, and everything around it.

  • Actual Figures

    Actual Figures

    Eclectic music + Podcast every Wednesday lunchtime.