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  • Idioglossia


    Who needs a description?

  • Posezur


    A Freak Show on the Radio PZR Radio hosted by Posezur is a genre-bending sonic journey through time. Each show includes the Talk Shit Minute with a unique guest covering a wide variety of topics. Welcome to the Circus and enjoy the ride.

  • Mattress Mixtapess

    Mattress Mixtapess

    Your weekly dose of cosy connection. Presented by Sandra Agudo and Leo Hyde, selecting current favourite tracks and deep dives from their collection all centered around a weekly theme. Every now and then we welcome special guests from the neighbourhood (and around the world) to share their tunes, chats and…

  • Red Transmissions

    Red Transmissions

    The Red Transmissions podcast aims to document the work, behind-the-scenes moments and creative process of the incredibly interesting characters in the Red Door network, be it in Copenhagen, New York, or around the world where our correspondents find themselves or our poetic adventures take us. Find out why artists, activists…

  • Kujiradio


    CMAC and DJwow welcome a new guest each episode to share their story through music.

  • Caprisonne


    A remotely tropical disco dance party hosted by Mj.

  • big sounds for a small you

    big sounds for a small you

    an assortment of audio tall and weighty ready to tower over and help you feel like a tiny speck in an endless void. Fast things, brash things, and loud things

  • Arbitrarily Deterministic

    Arbitrarily Deterministic

    Hosted by Kenconsumer, Arbitrarily Deterministic focuses on the intersection between art, technology and popular culture and the people who help blur those lines.

  • Zola Gorgon

    Zola Gorgon

    Berlin’s foremost goth adjacent DJ, Zola, plays an eclectic biweekly show with an ever-changing theme, from “speed racing in heaven” to “things to do when you’re goth in the springtime”.

  • ByteLore68k


    Covering the music of really old computer games, demos, chiptunes, cracktros, and their remixes. Think bleepy, gnarly 8/16bit sounds, SID and YM chips, floppy disks, late 80s, and all that retro rubbish.