Category: Past

  • Out of the Office

    Out of the Office

    Never got a description, probably never needed one.

  • Window Magic’s Transmission Service

    Window Magic’s Transmission Service

    Dreamy synth-scapes, tapeloops and mixes every Friday afternoon

  • Voodoo Beach Party

    Voodoo Beach Party

    Voodoo Beach Party is a free-form eclectic music collage from the shore of the Kitchen Leg mansion.

  • Un know’s unknown show

    Un know’s unknown show

    description coming soon, or never

  • The Coffin Nail

    The Coffin Nail

    The Coffin Nail is a bi-weekly show playing the best of current and classic metal & punk. Every episode, Lightbreaker interviews bands from around the world, reviews new releases, analyses iconic tracks, and lovingly pokes fun at the world of heavy music. Check out the links below for previous episodes, interviews,…

  • The Boring Music Show

    The Boring Music Show

    Joe plays boring music.

  • Talk To Me

    Talk To Me

    Mr. Green, ironically, talks to YOU about culture, politics, and the global south.

  • Still Hating

    Still Hating

    Hip-hop every Monday evening and more with John Debt.

  • Slow Rise Radio

    Slow Rise Radio

    Slow Rise is a radio show in German with Sophia Domagala and Moritz Gramming. Every first or second Friday of each month they choose a topic and invite a third person for a conversation. All this is accompanied by the finest HipHop Music

  • Serendipity


    Every other Tuesday Sarah plays whatever she likes, plus the Banjo Song Of The Week. Sometimes with a guest, always with a full heart. It’s Serendipity.

  • Red Transmissions

    Red Transmissions

    The Red Transmissions podcast aims to document the work, behind-the-scenes moments and creative process of the incredibly interesting characters in the Red Door network, be it in Copenhagen, New York, or around the world where our correspondents find themselves or our poetic adventures take us. Find out why artists, activists…

  • Randy’s Roadhouse

    Randy’s Roadhouse

    BJ the DJ Country Music.

  • Philistine


    Phil does his thing once a month on Sunday evening. Music and guests.

  • Ok, let’s do it!

    Ok, let’s do it!

    2 hours of ecletic music every Sunday Evening from 18-20, presented by Scott and Kai. If we like it, we play it!

  • Novo Line

    Novo Line

    Formerly active as guitarist for Baltimore math rock band OXES, Nat Fowler has recently branched out onto a solo path under the Novo Line moniker. His interest in pursuing a more electronic-oriented project started while Fowler lived in a small town in Italy, where he found discarded obsolete personal computers…

  • Misunderestimated


    Ken plays music he likes (not just trap).



    it’s complicated. Wir sind tim und maria und labern scheiße und poetische dinge – annoying and misinformed playing our favorite music for example MADONNA and NIRVANA. 

  • Liv me alone

    Liv me alone

    The only show dedicated to Rock, Metal and Punk! Crack open a cold one and PLAY LOUD

  • Hardcore Tuesday

    Hardcore Tuesday

    Weekly Hardcore/Punk/Metal- radio show hosted by Niki & Patt & Eddy.