62nd Annual Keith F’eM Radiothon Fundraiser and 3D Live Action

From March 5th, 3pm, to March 6th, 3pm, Keith F’eM was live on air with a 24 hour non stop broadcast to raise funds for the radio. Actual Figures opened the 24 hours of radio with a great live set. This was followed by takeovers by regular radio show hosts and some specials like stand up comedy, poetry, and a special edition pub quiz. For those who were already, or still, up Sunday morning, there was coffee and cake to be had in the bar, accompanied by an amazing Novo Line live set. More than 35 Djs and live performers were involved and added their own flavor to this event truly worthy of its name. We had a blast! And through online and cash donations, and hot dog and merch sales, we were able to raise a whoopin’ €530 for Keith F’eM. The money we raised went towards licensing fees for the radio, event planning, and electricity bills.